February 12, 2010

Otis, the Witful One...

It's time for a few formal introductions. I shall begin with our Otis. He is the family menagerie and the love of our lives. He looks like a cat, acts like a dog and eats like a pig! This picture is several years old and at the time his BMI was probably in the overweight range. Since the love of his life is food, he has now been declared obese by our vet. We are going to attempt to help him lose a few pounds and it may not be pretty. He can be a real pest when he wants something -- like, uh, food -- and not much can dissuade him. Especially when he weighs nearly 18 pounds (must be that food thingy.) 

So, the other thing about Otis is that he loves to sleep with people. Not being content with the end of the bed, he most prefers to be snuggled up under the left arm. Mainly my left arm. Being 18 pounds, he is of serious consequence when trying to sleep. If I am sleeping on my right side, he paws at the back of my head until I roll over. He settles into my armpit and then does his happy paws in my neck - 18 pound happy paws on my neck and chin - and purring an 18 pound purr in my face with 18 pound whiskers sticking in my nose. There is no way to get any sleep. If I banish him from the snuggle zone, he goes down as far as my knees and lays right on top of them. Which is fine. Until I want to move. When I start to move, the behemoth does not move. I'me moving my legs and he's like a sack of potatoes, getting shifted and jostled around and never moving one muscle to work with the situation, except, of course, his 18 pound cat larynx muscles to whine.
But, just look at him. He's a handsome fellow and about as laid back as any feline I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Good thing. Someone in this house has to keep their wits about them...

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