About the Blind Leading the Blind

I am an ADD woman. I have an ADHD son named David. A few years ago, my son and his father and I decided that public school was not working for us. We pulled David from public school in the middle of the 4th grade and have been homeschooling him ever since. I started this blog because I thought it might be quite handy to keep track of our home school experience and our ADHD treatment. It would also serve as a repository for the fruits of my research and resources. Most of all, it would be fun!

We are firm believers in the value of schooling at home. We believe that the whole person should be developed in five areas - academics, social, spiritual, physical and service and not necessarily in that order. We view education as a tool to develop the whole person. Public school, with the intense emphasis on academics and state mandates, leaves little room for whole person development. Home schooling offers opportunities for strength-based learning and better control over diet, sleep and medication maintenance. There is more time for family, community service and pursuing personal interests. Most of all, we can manage the expectations of both the educator and the student in ways that will support and prepare the student for his best life. In spite of having a disorder as profound as ADHD.

All that said, I am still an ADD woman who is trying to educate her ADHD son. It won't help to get too serious about this. You don't have to be crazy to do this but it helps...

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